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E-Pap Program

Twice a week we give E-Pap to children who are too young to attend school or who are not in school currently. E-Pap is a type of porridge that is jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals to help improve children's immune systems.

 When children feel well and have a nutrient status that serves them, then they can face their day more effectively.


Soup Kitchens

We support two soup kitchens in Oupad in Knysna. Local people in the Oupad community cook soup for about 150 to 200 people at a time, at two different locations in the district.

We take care of purchasing the food required and transporting it all to the soup kitchens.


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JAM Kids Club

In collaboration with Knysna Vineyard Church, we organize a kids club every week in the church building in Oupad. The JAM Kids Club, which stands for Jesus And Me.

During the program, there is praise and worship, games and a teaching where we teach the children about God and the Bible and we tell them that there is a God who loves them and has a better plan for their lives.


At each club, the children receive a token (coin) that they can save. We have a shop once every 6-8 weeks. During this shop, children can use their saved tokens to buy things such as toys, school supplies, care items, etc. or they can continue saving until the next shop so that they can buy “more expensive” items.

In this way, the children learn to save and can enjoy buying something for themselves.

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Street Children Program

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Together with Youth For Christ, also based in Knysna, we have started an education program for the street children of Oupad.


Children are between the ages of approximately 12-18 years old. These children often just hang around on the streets and do not go to school.


Our goal is to raise the educational level of these children to such an extent that they can return to school or learn a trade at other organizations.

They all still have their entire future ahead of them, and through our support and the program itself, we can secure their bright futures and help them grow and learn. 

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Discipleship Training

In collaboration with Knysna Vineyard Church and Youth for Christ, we provide weekly discipleship training to young people training at Hands And Heart, a division of Youth for Christ where young people learn a trade and in the district Oupad were we are located.

Our goal is to teach these people that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. They also have their entire future ahead of them and God wants nothing more than to enter that future with them. We teach them who they are in Christ and that God is a Father who wants to care for them.



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Weekly we go on outreaches through Oupad and other areas in Knysna. We tell people the good news, that they are loved and valuable to God and He wants to be a Father to them. We pray for people and encourage them. We see great results during these outreaches. God heals people and touches people's hearts. Sharing God's love is the most beautiful thing there is and every person longs to be seen and loved.


Other Help

We help people wherever and however we can. Almost every day we receive requests for help from people and we try to help them as much as possible.

A great part of this is rebuilding houses for the people. Many people live in appalling conditions. Thanks to donations, we have already been able to build a number of houses in the Knysna area and we hope to be able to do many more renovations and builds.

It brings families together again and gives people hope for the future.

A house to live in, and food on the table, are basic needs that every person deserves.

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